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PANANTUKAN is Filipino Boxing which includes techniques and strategies taken from Western Boxing, as well as movements derived from the Kali knife system. The particularity of Panantukan consists in including elbow strikes, head butts, shoulder strikes, guntings, foot sweeps, and foot trapping… making the Art a special and effective form of Boxing.
Common striking targets include the biceps, triceps, the eyes, nose, jaws, temples, throat, back of the neck, ribs, spine, groin, legs… as well as the “soft tissue” areas of the body. Techniques are practiced with and without gloves.

Since it is not a sport but rather a street-orientated fighting system, the techniques have not been adapted for safety or conformance to a set of rules for competition, thus it has a reputation of “dirty boxing”.

SIKARAN is a form of Filipino Kick Boxing which completes the Panantukan System, and has the particularity of including low-line dirty kicks, knee strikes, sweeps and take downs… With additional hand and kicking techniques, Sikaran is recognized by its movements. The fighter is trained in zoning and controlling distance. With this training the fighter has the opportunity to use a wide range of kicking techniques.

STICKFIGHTING is best known by the Martial Arts Community for the extensive combat use of sticks (or machetes) by the Filipino Warrior. The training is carried out with one or two sticks. Stickfighting training is important in the development of empty hand skills. Any development in stick training leads to an immediate improvement in the empty hand aspects
of Kali.

DAGA is Kali’s Knife Fighting System. Knife defense is a known specialty of the Filipino Martial Arts. Filipino Knife fighting techniques have influenced Police and Military Knife Defense Strategies all over the World.

KADENA DE MANO , the ”chaining of hands” , is the close quarter fighting technique of Kali Silat Evolution. Short, fast blows with hands, elbows, head butts, knees,etc., striking combinations and advanced reaction flows are trained in this system. Kadena De Mano is a realistic method of Self Defense when there’s no space to move and no way to escape.

DUMOG is Kali’s Grappling System. It includes throws, take downs, immobilization, and submission. Learning to react in a ground situation is a very important aspect of any system of Self Defense.

PENCAK SILAT CONCEPT or PSC is a training program developed by Pendekar Manggala Joko Suseno and Pendekar Wijaya Jeff Espinous.The Art is divided in 3 parts. The Self Defense System, the Art and the Health System. Pencak Silat recognizes no rules when it comes to Self Defense.

HILOT is Kali's health system. The Kali Circle training is not only about physical skills, focus and self-confidence, but also about building up health and energy level, including nutrition, posture correction, breathing and philosophy...