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Photos © Rana Sabbagha Dora / Natalia Sancha

The Dojo offers children, boys and girls, a safe and structured Kali program, especially adapted to their age.

The children are first trained in double sticks techniques to improve their brain capacities.
Modern neurology science has proven that some Martial Arts concepts, like the Filipino double sticks, have a tremendous impact on the balance of the two cerebral hemispheres. The child trained in Filipino Martial Arts will automatically improve his focus capacities, memory, coordination, and will eventually develop ambidexterity. (see video)

Our program then teaches children to defend themselves in all fighting ranges : kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes, take downs and ground fighting.
This training will allow them to adapt to any given situation.

Breathing and posture exercises finally complete the training, helping the child to centre his body and mind, and quiet his thoughts through basic meditation.
Our children are built up to become peaceful warriors, who learn not only to fight, but also to channel their violence, control their strength and respect their partners.

Often enjoyed to the sound of drums, our “Little Dragons” program, taught by professionnals, aims to be complete, playful but serious, and non-competitive.
More than a Martial Art curriculum, it should be seen as an educational tool that will bring the best out of your child, encouraging his individual creativity, and having a decisive impact on his behavior, discipline, self-confidence and well-being.

Far from violence and aggressiveness, the learning of a Martial Art is a way of living, a philosophy, and a great tool for personal development and health.




Level 1 White 1 Dash
Level 2 White 2 Dashes
Level 3 White 3 Dashes
Level 4 Yellow 1 Dash
Level 5 Yellow 2 Dashes
Level 6 Yellow 3 Dashes
Level 7 Blue 1 Dash
Level 8 Blue 2 Dashes
Level 9 Blue 3 Dashes
Level 10 Red 1 Dash
Level 11 Red 2 Dashes
Level 12 Red 3 Dashes
Level 13 Black 1st Dan 1 Dash
Level 14 Black 1st Dan 2 Dashes
Level 15 Black 1st Dan 3 Dashes
Level 16 Black 2nd Dan 1 Dash
Level 17 Black 2nd Dan 2 Dashes
Level 18 Black 2nd Dan 3 Dashes



Laura Zablit and Sandro Karam entered the Dojo at the age of 4. Today, at 16,
they become the youngest Kadua Guros in the history of our style.

Dragons Black Belt examination at the Dojo


Little Dragons I

Little Dragons II




Double Sticks Karenza with Maxime Bou-Abdallah