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Founded by Guro Joe Habis, the Dojo is the first training space in Lebanon conceived in the pure Martial Arts’ tradition.
The teaching, provided by a team of professional Instructors, combines physical training and spiritual development, in a place entirely dedicated to martial practice.

Available Courses:

Kali Circle Combat System
Kali Silat Evolution
Pencak Silat
Women's Self Defense
Kids' Program
Personal Training
Personal Training:

Kali Circle Combat System
Kali Silat Evolution
Kali Arnis Eskrima
Pencak Silat
(Filipino Wrestling)
(Health System)
Street Fighting
Self Defense
Women’s Self Defense
Reactive Knife
Stick Fighting
Blade Fighting
Kerambit / Balisong
Sarong / Malong
Pocket Stick
Muay Thai
Boxe Française Savate
Ju Jitsu
(Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas)