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ZWYX Diffusion is our in-house publishing and diffusion network. We publish and promote websites, paper books, dvd's, and any other digital or non-digital media.

Online Publication

Grace Salem

The Bioperversity Project - by MALYSSE
A group of visual work including videos, performances and more.
Saõ Paulo, Brazil, 2010
keywords: plants, torture, videos, installation, photos, performance

Online Publication

Grace Salem

Fi Beirut - by Grace Salem
An alternate reality game in the streets of Beirut.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2008
keywords: alternate reality game, arg, urban, beirut, lebanon

Online Publication

Hubert Fattal

Taking the Words Out of the Painting - by Hubert Fattal
A series of 6 paintings exhibited in Beirut.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2008
keywords: painting, visual art, words, beirut, lebanon

Record Label / Audio CD's

Those Kids Must Choke

Those Kids Must Choke - a record label
6 audio CD albums by 5 different bands/authors. A selection of free audio tracks are available.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2006-2008
keywords: music, experimental, pop, punk, rock, songs, audio, cd

Online Publication

Clémence Veilhan

Je n'ai jamais été une petite fille - by Clémence Veilhan
17 photos exhibited in Paris.
Paris, France, 2008
keywords: photography, girls, childhood, dress, portraits

Online Publication / Audio CD

Ziad Saad

Pop Will Save Us (EP) - by Ziad Saad
Presentation of the audio CD. All 4 audio tracks are available for free.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2006-2010
keywords: music, pop, electro, rock, folk, songs, mp3, audio, cd

Book / Print

Abdallah K

Paintings - by Abdallah Ko
A booklet of 30 reproductions on postcard paper.
Beirut, Lebanon, 2005
keywords: painting, drawing, reproduction, book, postcard

Online Publication

Images et Representations de la Folie

Images et Représentations de la Folie - by MALYSSE
25 photos & a short essay (French).
Salvador, Brazil, 2001
keywords: anthropology, photography, video, french, mental alienation, text

Online Publication

Hubert Fattal

No Sex Please, We're Lebanese - by Hubert Fattal
A series of 7 paintings exhibited in London.
London, UK, 1994-1997
keywords: image, painting, pop, london, beirut, lebanon, sex, lebanese


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