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'Pop Will Save Us' by Ziad Saad

Pop Will Save Us by ZIad Saad

Title: Pop Will Save Us (EP)
Band: Pop Will Save Us
Author: Ziad Saad
Date: 2006-2010
Location: Beirut, Lebanon


AUDIO TRACKS (click to listen, right-click to download)

1. Venus In Pleurs - mp3 @192kbps, 02:36, 3.7MB
2. Full Of You - mp3 @192kbps, 02:37, 3.8MB
3. Olor - mp3 @192kbps, 02:10, 3.1MB
4. Tomorrow - mp3 @192kbps, 02:37, 3.8MB



"In the pure lineage of studio wizards such as Brian Wilson (circa "Smile"), Todd Rundgren and Van Dyke Parks, video artist, musician, producer and composer Ziad Saad offers us four tracks redefining the map of the Lebanese musical scene. Subtle and ironical, he delivers personal melodies informed by jazzy rhythms and peculiar structures. In this "concept" EP, the distinctive texture of each song is full of promises, recalling at times the fractured songwriting of Daniel Johnston, as well as the perverse self-production skills of Stephen Jones (Babybird)."
Ziad Nawfal



Ziad Saad: vocals, guitars, organs
Benedikt Schiefer: drums
Thilo Kuhn: synthesizer programming

Music & Lyrics by Ziad Saad / Produced by Ziad Saad & Akademie Schloss Solitude / Recorded at Sumsilobatem Studios by Thilo Kuhn / Mixed by Ziad Saad and Thilo Kuhn / Mastered by La Source Mastering / Design by Rasha Kahil / Photography by Gilbert Hage


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Youtube channel - videos of live show from March 2008 up to December 2010
Interview on Ruptured - radio show presented by Ziad Nawfal on Radio Liban 96.2FM

Ziad Saad is a visual artist, musician and actor, born in 1979 in Lebanon. He lives and works in Beirut Lebanon. His fields of experimentation are music, video & cinema.

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